sur|round1 W2 [səˈraund] v [T]
[Date: 1400-1500; : Old French; Origin: suronder 'to overflow, flood', from Late Latin superundare, from Latin unda 'wave']
1.) [usually passive]
to be all around someone or something on every side
be surrounded by sth
The field was surrounded by trees.
He glared at the people who surrounded the tent.
2.) be surrounded by sb/sth
to have a lot of a particular type of people or things near you
He's always been surrounded by people who adore him.
3.) if police or soldiers surround a place, they arrange themselves in positions all the way around it
Armed police surrounded a house in the High Street.
4.) to be closely related to a situation or event
Some of the issues surrounding alcohol abuse are very complex.
Silence and secrecy surround the murder.
5.) surround yourself with sb/sth
to choose to have certain people or things near you all the time
The designer surrounded himself with exquisite objects.
surround 2
surround2 n
an area around the edge of something, especially one that is decorated or made of a different material
a solid mahogany fire surround

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